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My WIP: Family of Nobodies

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Hi! So, here’s the story tour that literally none of you asked for. Okay, that’s not true — ONE person asked for it. She actually suggested this post, so thank you, my friend!

I swear I do have original ideas for blog posts, but, first of all, I’m super lazy and, second of all, everyone on Twitter has such good ideas!

*Ahem* Anyway.

Family of Nobodies

Drat, I hate writing plot summaries. I have only myself to blame for this. Here goes.

One and his two younger sisters, Twist and Zoey, are illegally modified humans. One and Twist have telekinetic powers, and Zoey’s voice is lethal — literally.

They have been raised by their “mother” to be weapons for Saros, a space-faring pirate. He plans to buy them and use them to reconquer Nowhere, the empty space between solar systems that was taken from him and his comrades by the Wanderers, the nomadic people who call Nowhere home.

But when a rival buyer attacks the hidden complex where One and his sisters are kept, everyone’s plans are thrown into confusion. During the chaos, the three siblings are rescued by Rory, a raptor trainer from the frontier planet of Saoirse, which is under the thumb of another displaced pirate.

With Saros and the rival buyer hunting him and his sisters, the siblings decide to take refuge on Saoirse– even though it means risking potential discovery by Alistair, its pirate conqueror.

Rory takes One and his sisters in, promising to protect them as best she can. With the help of the Barrys, Rory’s rambunctious neighbors, the four misfits manage to cobble together something approaching a normal life.

That is, until disaster strikes, and everyone is forced to learn the true price of freedom and the meaning of family.

The Fun Stuff

Okay, now THAT’S done. *breathes a sigh of relief* I’m pretty sure it’s not great, but at least I managed to end it on a vaguely ominous note. Now on to the fun, easy stuff that involves lots of links and things I have no idea if you’re actually interested in but am putting in anyway because it’s my blog post. *cackles*

The Inspiration

A couple of things inspired this story.

The core idea of youths with powers has been rattling around in my head for literal years (probably because of Marvel and because it’s a pretty *cough cough* common trope in YA), but I haven’t been able to fit it into a cohesive novel. Until now, that is. *cue excited squealing*

Another thing that kickstarted FoN was a picture I came across on Pinterest, of a redheaded girl with freckles and pixie cut. I saw it one day, and it really struck me. I wanted to write her story and figure out who she was. Although Rory didn’t end up being the protagonist of Family of Nobodies, she’s still a huge part of why I’m writing this book.

I also really wanted to tell a story about found family. I love that trope so much, so I’m trying my hand at a novel involving it. We shall see how I do.

And dinosaurs. I desperately wanted to write about dinosaurs. And flying. And dinosaurs. Did I mention the dinosaurs?

Story Board

Yes, this is totally self indulgent. But I’m going to link a Pinterest board about my story. You can’t stop me.


Songs of the Story

Again, none of you asked for this. But I don’t care because I want to share ALL THE THINGS.

*Ahem* So here you go — these are some songs from my writing playlist.

This is kind of the song of Saoirse
A song for One and Rory
Kind of the theme song for the book… very on the nose.
Another song for One and Rory…
Another theme song for the book
Another theme song… man, captioning these is HARD

Okay, I’m done. I mean, there’s a bunch more, but these are some of my favorite ones. Besides, I’m pretty sure y’all don’t want to scroll through the monstrosity that is my full writing playlist.

It’s Out of My System Now

Thank you for sticking around to the end of this post! I love talking about my story — as you can see. Next week I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled content.

Comment below and tell me all about your WIPs! I would love to read about them. And I kind of want to make someone else write a blurb — I’m petty like that.


9 thoughts on “My WIP: Family of Nobodies

  1. You want to make someone else write a blurb?

    Hmm. You can find FIVE of mine here:


    Does being in need of line and typo editing but not much else count?

    Legend of the Singer Duology, starting with Children of the Dryads: This one is set in Areaer, the same world as Return of the Dragonriders. It is about a half-elf, Tara-lin, born with the legendary ancestral powers of the elves, who chases her father against his will, because he has been called on a dangerous mission she does not think he can survive. Along with her is a full human desperate to avoid being forced into a marriage or monastery by her (the human’s) father, who is part of the same Knighthood as Tara-lin’s father, whom Tara-lin convinces to run away with her.

    There’s one without a name that’s just started about a slave who’s desperate to bond to a dragon. Also another that’s also just started about two men who desert the army together.

    All of the ones I’ve mentioned here are set in Areaer. The one I’m working on in Kaarathlon isn’t at the point where I can write much of a blurb OR one sentence description yet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Years? That’s some staying power! Mostly I get lazy about my blurbs and pound one out quickly and then try not to look at it ever again. I should probably work on it.

        Also thank you for the compliment about the title! I am very fond of it as well =D

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, I LOVE the found family trope!!! Let’s see…I’m currently trying to work on my WIP entitled The Woodsman, but since Mr. Grumpy Hermit – aka the Woodsman – isn’t talking, nobody else is talking, so…I’m kind of stuck. I also don’t really have much of a blurb for it…BECAUSE THE PLOT CHANGED ON ME. AGAIN.

    And then then there’s another one I want to get back to, Arrows. It’s a family-oriented story, centering mostly around one couple, but I want to get POVs from the prior generation and the generation after in there too. So it’s kind of like a generational thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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