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Story Structure: The Hook

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I’m starting my new story structure series. I know there a dozens of resources out there on story structure, but I’m still excited to lend my perspective. To start, we’re going to examine the Hook, which is the first beat in traditional three act story structure (FYI, you will feel soContinue reading “Story Structure: The Hook”

Meet My WIP: Heroes of Nowhere

Hi! Here’s another story tour that nobody asked for! This is partly because I wanted to squeal about my story and partly because I don’t have another blog post idea. But let’s not think about that bit. *laughs sheepishly and hides* Here we go! Prepare to be fascinated *winks* and a little confused. Heroes ofContinue reading “Meet My WIP: Heroes of Nowhere”

#WritingCommunity Blog Award

This week, I have a different kind of blog post for you guys. The lovely Raina Nightingale tagged me for Lauryn Trimmer’s #WritingCommunity Blog Award. Thank you, Raina! This is my first time being involved in one of these, so please forgive any missteps. For those who don’t know, the rules of this tag are:Continue reading “#WritingCommunity Blog Award”

Gift Ideas For The Writers In Your Life

The holidays have officially begun! That means the yearly struggle to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones has also begun. *Halfheartedly* Yaaaay… *Ahem* Anyway, I figured it was a good time to make a blog post with a couple of gift ideas for writers. Also, confidentially, it’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m writing thisContinue reading “Gift Ideas For The Writers In Your Life”

My WIP: Family of Nobodies

Hi! So, here’s the story tour that literally none of you asked for. Okay, that’s not true — ONE person asked for it. She actually suggested this post, so thank you, my friend! I swear I do have original ideas for blog posts, but, first of all, I’m super lazy and, second of all, everyoneContinue reading “My WIP: Family of Nobodies”