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What the Mandalorian Teaches Us About Creating Tension

Okay, right off the bat: WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE SECOND SEASON OF THE MANDALORIAN, INCLUDING THE FINALE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. All righty, that’s over with. First of all, can we scream about this episode together in the comments? It wasn’t perfect (no story is, obviously), but DARN IT ALL itContinue reading “What the Mandalorian Teaches Us About Creating Tension”

How to Cultivate Inspiration

No matter how much we love our stories and love writing, there will be times when we don’t feel like writing. When we don’t feel inspired. When our well of creativity runs dry. Sometimes the answer is to take a break — if possible, of course. Just chill and let yourself recharge. Other times, theContinue reading “How to Cultivate Inspiration”

Cultivating a Writer’s Outlook

As writers, we’re constantly trying to improve our craft. We want to write better each day, and create better stories. One of the ways to do that is research. Another is practice. Yet another is learning to relate to the world like a writer, and, in my opinion, that is one of the most importantContinue reading “Cultivating a Writer’s Outlook”