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Story Structure: the Midpoint

We made it, everyone! Last week, we talked about the Realization, and now we’ve finally reached the Midpoint, one of the most pivotal beats in three act story structure. Let’s get into this! Where Does the Midpoint Belong? As its name suggests, the Midpoint belongs in the middle of the story, at roughly the 50%Continue reading “Story Structure: the Midpoint”

Story Structure: The First Pinch Point

Welcome back! Last week, we talked about the Reaction. Today, we’re breaking down the First Pinch Point as we head deeper into the Second Act. Let’s get into this! Where Does the First Pinch Point Belong? The First Pinch Point falls at approximately the 37% mark of your story, right after the Reaction ends. It’sContinue reading “Story Structure: The First Pinch Point”

Story Structure: the Reaction

Welcome back to Truthful Storytelling’s story structure series! Last week, we talked about the First Plot Point. This week, we’re entering the Second Act and discussing its first story beat: the Reaction. Let’s get into this! Where Does the Reaction Belong? The Reaction begins right after the First Plot Point. It begins around the 25%Continue reading “Story Structure: the Reaction”

Story Structure: The Set Up

Happy Friday! Welcome to the second installment in Truthful Storytelling’s story structure series. Last week, we talked about the Hook and its function. Today, we’re discussing the Set Up and how it ties into the story. Let’s jump right in! Where Does The Set Up Belong? The Set Up belongs in the space between theContinue reading “Story Structure: The Set Up”