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Unsolicited NaNoWriMo Pep Talk

Well, it’s November. Which means the sane (haha, just kidding) among you are busy prepping for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It also means that some of you are in the thralls of NaNoWriMo. Or as I like to call it: writing hell. Can you tell I’M in the thralls of NaNoWriMo? Sorry, this hasn’t been veryContinue reading “Unsolicited NaNoWriMo Pep Talk”

Writerly Resources For Authors

With NaNoWrimo coming up, I figured a post like this might be helpful. Over the years, I’ve curated different writerly resources from conscientiously (*cough cough* read that as “obsessively”) researching the writing craft. So now I’m gonna share them. This is totally NOT because I didn’t feel like writing a full-on blog post this week.Continue reading “Writerly Resources For Authors”