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Meet My WIP: Heroes of Nowhere

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Hi! Here’s another story tour that nobody asked for! This is partly because I wanted to squeal about my story and partly because I don’t have another blog post idea. But let’s not think about that bit. *laughs sheepishly and hides*

Here we go! Prepare to be fascinated *winks* and a little confused.

Heroes of Nowhere

Oh, look, y’all got me to write a blurb again. *laughs with a grimace* I guarantee you’ll be in more pain reading this disaster than I will be writing it, so there.

In Nowhere, the vast space between the Three Systems, a nomadic people — known as Wanderers — have made their home. All they want is to live peacefully, mining asteroid belts and helping ferry merchants from the Systems through the less navigable parts of Nowhere, but pirates have invaded their home. These pirates, who call themselves Titans, have grown like a festering sore in the dark corners of Nowhere, and they hunt the Wanderers like they’re animals, destroying their ships, taking over their mining stations, and enslaving the few Wanderers they don’t kill.

The situation has been growing worse and worse over the years, until only a small quadrant of Nowhere remains in the control of the Wanderers. A small mining station on an asteroid belt is one of the last bastion of Wanderer strength, and its inhabitants live in daily fear that the Titans will break through their defenses.

Charlie, a young Wanderer girl, lives on that station. When Titans raided her parents’ ship and killed them, she and her younger sister, Cassi, managed to survive and were rescued by other Wanderers. Now she hides away, doing her best to protect her adoptive family.

Until she comes across Jax, young Titan boy, who was cast adrift in an escape pod with his oxygen running out. She has no choice except to save his life, but rescuing him causes everything to spin out of control until every Wanderer in Nowhere has to decide just how far they are willing go to defend their home.

The Fun Stuff

All right, take a breath, y’all. We did it. Blurb — done. Now on to the links and songs and stuff that doesn’t give me a migraine.

The Inspiration

I actually came up with this story long before I had the idea for Family of Nobodies. I had been watching Firefly (it’s a great show — although, personally, I wish it wasn’t so adult at times, but the skip button exists for reason), and I decided I wanted to write a story about a motley band of misfits flitting around space and helping people as best they could.

Add to that a chaotic mining station with a bunch of disparate personalities trying to live in familial harmony, and you have a story I want to write!

Story Board

Prepare yourself for a lot of Star Wars concept art… It inspires me, okay?

Music of the Story

For whatever reason, Disney songs are just working for this story, which — no offense to Disney songs — is unusual. This song, for me, embodies the Wanderer spirit of exploration. Just don’t question the bits of the song that don’t fit… *sidles away*

This song also reminds me of the Wanderer mindset. Like the Polynesians, they dare to explore the unknown and find their way.

This song. THIS SONG. If the Wanderers had a national anthem, it would probably be this. I’m not even kidding. They would aggressively sing this song at anyone who questions them. It fits their independent, determined attitude perfectly.

This is both Charlie’s song and another song for the Wanderers.

Last one — another one that kind of speaks to the Wanderer mindset.

Thank You for Listening

Thank you for reading! I’m so excited to dive into this book while I’m waiting to edit Family of Nobodies.

I also want to thank those who supported me while I wrote FoN. Everyone — from Twitter, here, and real life — has been amazing. I couldn’t have done it without you.

See you next week!


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