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Gift Ideas For The Writers In Your Life

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The holidays have officially begun! That means the yearly struggle to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones has also begun. *Halfheartedly* Yaaaay…


Anyway, I figured it was a good time to make a blog post with a couple of gift ideas for writers. Also, confidentially, it’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m writing this on the day it has to go out. So… easy post time! Hehe, I’m so professional.

Let’s get started.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with or sponsored by any company/brand mentioned in this post, and I don’t earn any kind of commission if you buy anything through these links. I just think they’re cool.


Look, no writer is going to say no to books.

  1. Save the Cat: Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody

This book is pretty awesome. It taught me a lot about story structure and character, and it’s especially helpful if the recipient is an outliner.

2. The Emotion Thesaurus

Look, writing emotions is HARD. I think any of us who have tried it know it’s hard. Plus, you have to make sure you’re not repeating the same descriptions (i.e., “their breath caught in their throat” ad infinitum), while making sure it’s still realistic. *Melts into exhausted puddle* Why do we write again?

Anyhow, a book like this is sure to be helpful, especially for trying to convey an unfamiliar emotion.

3. Gift a Book of the Month Membership

I can’t be the only one who has been hearing about this company constantly on YouTube. They sponsor half the BookTubers I watch.

It’s a monthly book box delivery service that allows you to pick a book (with two add on books if you wish, I believe) from their monthly selection to be shipped to your home. You can also choose to skip delivery on a month you don’t want any new books!

Writerly Swag

  1. Litographs

Litographs is a company that makes blankets, scarves, pillows, etc. with a select number of words from well-loved books printed on them to form beautiful pictures/patterns (seriously, check out their site — they’re amazing). Additionally, they also do custom items, so, if your writer has a WIP or a published book, you can get them something with a piece of their own book printed on it! I’m sorry, but that’s just COOL. Litographs also offers gift cards if you’re not sure what your loved one would want.

2. NaNoWrimo Merch

With Christmas falling right after the tumultuous NaNoWrimo season, you can commemorate your loved one’s efforts by gifting them some fun NaNo swag.

I also recommend chocolate with this gift. NaNoWrimo is rough.

Writer Survival Items

  1. Gift a Spotify membership!

Okay, I know not ALL writers listen to music while they write, but, for a lot of us, it’s nonnegotiable. And Spotify ads are annoying, so… *clumsily drops hint, which hits the ground with a clang*

2. iTunes gift card!

For the writers in your life who prefer iTunes.

3. Really nice earbuds

I could put a link here… but I’m not going to for two reasons. One: I don’t have a good track record with picking earbuds. Two: I’m lazy (is anyone shocked?).

Trust me, for music listening writers, nice earbuds are a beautiful thing to receive.

4. PENS.

‘Nuff said.

5. Nice notebooks

For the writers in your life who like to scribble down their thoughts/outlines/stories longhand. Respect them — they have hands of steel. Also, take it from me, they can never have enough notebooks.

6. Fuzzy slippers

For comfort. Because writing. And because the floor is cold.

Merry Not-Even-Close-To Christmas, My Friends!

I hope this was helpful! It was a lot of fun putting it together. Be sure to comment with your writerly gift ideas!


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