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Writerly Resources For Authors

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With NaNoWrimo coming up, I figured a post like this might be helpful. Over the years, I’ve curated different writerly resources from conscientiously (*cough cough* read that as “obsessively”) researching the writing craft.

So now I’m gonna share them. This is totally NOT because I didn’t feel like writing a full-on blog post this week. That’s not what’s happening.

(It kind of is…)

*Ahem* On to the post!

Disclaimer: Linking to these resources does not necessarily mean I endorse or agree with everything the creators write or say. It just means I find their content helpful and want to share it.

Okay, the probably unnecessary disclaimer is over. NOW let’s begin.


Helping Writers Become Authors by K. M. Weiland

Guys… this blog is incredible. K. M. Weiland has at least 100 pages of blog posts, and they’re all so helpful and informative! I learned about story structure, theme, character arcs, and outlining from this woman! Especially if you’re still new to writing, this blog will help you SO MUCH.

Abbie Emmons: Make Your Story Matter

This blog is also so helpful! Abbie Emmons has a lot of great insights into the power of theme and character. Her posts have taught me so much. Abbie also runs a YouTube channel with a lot of awesome content.

Well-Storied by Kristen Kieffer

Another great resource with a lot of great articles, similar to K. M. Weiland’s site.

Story Embers

Story Embers is many different things (it has GROWN since I last checked it!). It’s a blog, a community, an educator, and more. Its focus is helping Christian writers tell powerful stories that glorify God. If you’re interested in writing Christian fiction, Story Embers is a great place to start! Even if you’re not interested in that realm of fiction, I think the blog posts are helpful regardless.

Hannah Heath’s Blog

I love this blog! Hannah Heath also has a big archive of posts that delve into various topics related to writing. Her posts are from a Christian perspective, but much of what she talks about applies to all genres. Plus funny GIFS!

She also has a YouTube channel you should check out.

YouTube Channels

And speaking of YouTube, it is a WEALTH of writerly resources.

Kim Chance

Kim Chance has taken an indefinite break from YouTube, but she has years worth of videos up on her channel. She gives writing tips, but also covers traditional publishing topics like querying! Besides her educational videos, she has fun vlogs and several inspirational “pep talks”.

Alexa Donne

Alexa Donne has hundreds of videos on writing, querying, and publishing. Her channel also includes writing vlogs and some BookTube-esque (that’s TOTALLY a word) content.

Hello Future Me

This channel is awesome! It has a bunch of in depth videos on world building, writing, and more!

Keylin Rivers

Keylin’s an up and comer in Authortube who does a lot of fun livestream videos, including frequent live writing sprints.

Kate Cavanaugh

Kate does a lot of fun videos as well, and I believe she’s planning on live-streaming some writing sprints this November, so you should definitely check her out!

Brandon Sanderson

I mean… it’s Brandon Sanderson. There’s no way I was going to leave him out.

Of late, he’s been doing livestream signing sessions that have a lot of great writing advice in them. Plus, I find it’s helpful for me to listen to a fellow writer if I’m in a writing slump.

He also has some, if not all, of this year’s recorded lectures from the class he teaches on his channel.

Yes, I am a Writing Nerd. Why Do You Ask?

So. Here you go. A few of my favorite writerly things (and now I’m thinking of the Sound of Music). Anyway, I hope you find this helpful!

…I don’t really know how to write a proper conclusion to this particular post so… yeah. Happy writing!


3 thoughts on “Writerly Resources For Authors

    1. Ooh, if you haven’t checked Abbie’s blog and channel out you should! She’s awesome =)
      I know I said this in the post, but it bears repeating LOL


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